Purchasing and Procurement Training Courses

“Purchasing as a strategic ally in organisations through alignment with the priorities of the company, making planning, supply and coordination and communication with suppliers central to the creation of value and savings in projects and contracts.”

Individual and Team Coaching in Purchasing.

As well as training in processes and applications, we will try to instil a professional mentality in purchasers.

We will help to bring out the best in each individual as we believe that improving performance generates self-confidence and motivation.

We think about the need to provide knowledge and an additional degree of motivation to convince them of their capability as managers, and to make them aware of their relevance in a strategic area for the company. All of this will be beneficial to their company's objectives, to more assured decision-making and to achieving sustainable savings.

We want your purchasing team to take your company further.

Application to real cases.
Focus on clear and detailed planning of functions, productivity and efficiency.

Aimed at:
Purchasing Director or Manager.
Procurement Director or Manager.
Demand Planning Director or Manager.
Distribution Logistics Director or Manager.
After-sales service.
Supply Chain Manager.

Purchasing Management.
Purchasing Strategy.
Category Management.
Supplier Management.
Purchasing transformation processes.
Work methods and tools to be used in the purchasing process.

Provide a comprehensive view of the management of Supply Chain business processes.
Develop skills and become familiar with management techniques.
Master decision-making tools.
Optimise the management of the area by applying Information Technologies that enable an efficient response to current needs.
Become familiar with the challenges of the global management of the Supply Chain and the markets.
Manage the Supply Chain in an ethical and responsible way.

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